Tiny Price, Big Game! Tinyfolks Has Just Gone On Sale On The Play Store!

Tinyfolks has just gone on sale on the Play Store from £3.49 to 0.99p! This little pixel game features a bunch of, you guessed it, Tiny Folk! In this little pixel experience, you are tasked with training your folks for combat and upgrading your town.

Tiny Price, Big Game!

Despite such a simple art style, Tinyfolks is crammed with charm. Using a limited colour pallet, this game becomes more recognisable for its fun little story. The folks of the tiny town enlist you to lead them to victory against an onslaught of monsters and the ringleader of it all, the evil sorcerer!

You can train your folks to unlock well over 40 different classes, each fit with their own unique abilities and statistics. As you progress through Tinyfolk you’ll unlock plenty of new weapons and even find rare artefacts crammed with magical properties.

Tinyfolks offers more than visualising progress through weapons and levels. As you move through the storyline, your village will grow with all new buildings, each hosting different activities that adds to gameplay value outside of the main storyline.

Of course, we have to mention the monsters! Across 13 differently designed biomes are over 70 different monsters and bosses to face off against, where you will utilize and strategise different techniques and weapons to make sure you deal that finishing blow!

Check Out The Tinyfolks Sale!

Mobile gaming in recent has seen a bunch of new releases with high-quality graphics and intricate gameplay. However, the immersive charm and simplicity of Tinyfolk have awarded it a 4.4-star review on the Play Store! It goes to show that looks aren’t everything, so maybe you should check it out.

You can check out Tinyfolk over on the Play Store! Don’t forget to grab it whilst it’s still discounted. And whilst you’re waiting for the game to install, check out some of our other news. The Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile End of Service Announcement Is The Worst Holiday Gift!

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