The Best Android Games Updates This Week

Looking for the best Android games updates this week? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of all the best Android games that have recently received updates this week. From new content and expansions all the way to bug fixes and patches – we’ll cover it all.

Best Android Games Updates This Week

Let’s see what Google Play has got for us this week, shall we?

Among Us

The newest update to our favorite spaceman deduction and deception game brings some very familiar faces to the table. The Indie Cosmicube is here bringing some beloved faces from the world of indie games to Among Us.

You’ll find content from Undertale, Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers, Crypt Of The NecroDancer, A Hat In Time, Celeste, and Untitled Goose Game available for a limited time. Perfect if you want to pay homage to some of the gaming greats.

Toca Life World

The second character creator style pack has arrived in Toca Life World. This means a large selection of new outfits to impress everyone around you. There are new hairs, headwear, accessories, glasses and suits, all aimed at letting you acquire the classy aesthetic of your dreams.

The King Of Fighters: Allstar

The Street Fighter 6 collab has dropped on The King Of Fighters ALLSTAR, and there’s a lot to see. The update brings a few familiar characters from the beloved series along for the ride. You’ll find Cammy, Guilde, Jui Han, and Ken on the roster. Jamie and Classic Guile are now available for free, too.

This comes with some collab-exclusive playable content. There’s a guild raid, story, dungeon, boss showdown, and a car-wrecking minigame.

None of these work for you? Want to try out some all-new titles? Try out our feature on the best new Android games this week to get your fix of completely fresh new content.

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