Paper Bride 5: Two Lifetimes Brings Chinese Folklore And Spooky Puppets

We love a good spooky game at Droid Gamers, and a new arrival in a long-standing horror series is always of interest to us. So we were pretty intrigued to discover the release of Paper Bride 5: Two Lifetimes. This horror puzzle game is very in touch with its Chinese roots.

Paper Bride 5 is, unshockingly, the latest addition to the Paper Bride series. The series delves into the darker side of Chinese folklore to deliver grim tales of love, death, curses, and terrible paranormal happenings.

The Show Must Go On

Two Lifetimes starts with some young people setting out to see a play. What’s wrong with a bit of culture? Well, when the start of the show starts making ominous statements, crushing butterflies in her hands, and pulling down her fan to reveal she has no eyes, it’s a big clue that something isn’t quite right here.

You’ll need to make your way through the now seemingly-empty theater. While it seems unnaturally empty of people, it more than makes up for that by being full to the brim with creepy puppets, supernatural occurrences, and puzzles.

Think Your Way Out

To find a way out, you need to use your brain and navigate your way through a ton of different puzzles. Some are your standard object puzzle fare, others involve using lateral thinking and visual intelligence to figure your way through.

This all comes with an extensive story to get your head around. A dark path led to the incident in the theater. Perhaps understanding how you got there will give you some clues as to how to untangle yourself. Or maybe it will just pull you deeper into the madness.

Sound interesting? You can grab Paper Bride 5: Two Lifetimes now on Google Play.

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