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Eager for XP? Fortunately, there are plenty of quests you can use to get your levels up. Speak to your Dojo Master to unlock a range of quests you can use to get them up and running. Our Nightmare Elemental Quests guide goes over what each quest requires from you.

Nightmare Elemental is an intense magic PVP Roblox game where you roll your own special elemental powers. You can use their powers to wreak all kinds of destruction, the trouble is everyone has powers too, and it benefits them to take you out! You’ll need to use your skills and your quick wits to complete quests and grow your power.

You can check out Nightmare Elemental on Roblox, which you can get through Google Play. Want more Nightmare Elemental? Check our Nightmare Elemental codes and Nightmare Elemental tier list.

Nightmare Elemental Quests Guide

Here we’ve covered each of the quests and what you need to do for each.


Fight other players. Simple!


Light beacons around the map. Beacons are marked with a sun icon and you generally find one per area.


Destroy environments in certain areas. You will be directed to certain areas via a question mark icon on the map. Once you get there you will get an XP goal you need to acquire from destroying props. You don’t have to destroy props only in the area for XP.


Gather XP orbs and keep them until they give you all the XP. Pick up the orbs from their holders. The orbs will rotate around you and gradually give XP. You will need to keep the orbs on you until they have finished generating XP.


Find a scroll and deliver it to a specific dojo. Head to the scroll icon on the map that flashes red and tan. Head to that and interact with the Dojo Master for the corresponding Dojo.

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