You’re in the right place as have named three cats plus frequently write about the Lilac cat! I’m going to give you over 25 cat names that should get you on your way! I’ve named three of my own felines plus helped several friends and family name theirs too! A few other blogs like Meow-sir: Purrfect Names for Male Persian CatMeow-sir: Lilac Cat Names Beginning with ‘A’, Meow or Never: Over 25 Edgy Names for Cats 🐱 and Exploring Oriental Names for Male Siamese Cats – have a look when you’re done here!


By the end, you’ll be equipped with potential names for a lilac feline, or at least a blue(lilac)print to create one. 🐱🟣🐱

As we leap into this expedition of naming, I’m drawing from my inner feline insight, guided by my Tuxedo feline BFF, Finnegan. Pour yourself a cup of ‘enchantment-infused’ catnip tea and join me in uncovering names that sparkle with elegance, allure, and a hint of ‘purr-tacular’ charm.

In determining a name for your Lilac feline, it’s essential to contemplate a few aspects.

Firstly, consider their personality. Does your feline exude playful mischief, or do they embrace a more serene, easygoing demeanor?

Additionally, take note of their physical attributes—such as fur hue, eye shades—and seek inspiration from beloved feline-themed movies, literature, or TV series.

From classic to wonderfully eccentric, we have a plethora of choices tailored for various felines and their unique human companions. So, grab your pen 🖊️, your lucky socks 🧦, perhaps even your crystal ball 🔮 (why not?), and let’s commence the journey to unearth that one flawless name for your magnificent bundle of fur! 🐱

Cat Names Beginning with ‘B’ Type of Cat
1. Blossom Delicate, playful
2. Bellatrix Mysterious, independent
3. Bluebell Graceful, curious
4. Berry Affectionate, energetic
5. Berry-Winkle Calm, serene
6. Blush Shy, gentle
7. Breeze Agile, adventurous
8. Butterfly Playful, whimsical
9. Bijou Dainty, affectionate
10. Bramble Lively, mischievous
11. Basil Playful, curious
12. Biscuit Cuddly, friendly
13. Beau Charming, loving
14. Bliss Content, serene
15. Blueberry Curious, intelligent
16. Brie Affectionate, social
17. Bowie Bold, adventurous
18. Bamboo Graceful, tranquil
19. Blithe Cheerful, carefree
20. Breeze Energetic, free-spirited
21. Bailey Clever, adaptable
22. Belladonna Sleek, sassy
23. Blissful Relaxed, peaceful
24. Blizzard Playful, energetic
25. Buttercup Bright, cheerful

These names span various cultures and inspirations, offering a diverse range of options for your Lilac cat!

When it comes to naming your lilac-coated kitty (or any cat), diving into the ‘B’ list is like unlocking a treasure trove of vibes and personalities.

From Blossom’s delicate charm to Buttercup’s sunny disposition, each name is like a tiny peek into your cat’s future persona. It’s like setting the stage for their unique style and quirks.

Whether you’re leaning toward a fancy vibe or something super playful, these ‘B’ names are the start of an epic journey in defining your furball’s one-of-a-kind awesomeness!

To end on a fun purplish note, Ieave you with a poem, dedicated to lilac felines with a grey fur coat!

Lisa Illman is the Founder of Kritter Kommunity, LLC. She has a tuxedo adult cat and has had him since he was a baby kitten. Before her cat Finnegan, Lisa had had two FIV-positive cats for over a decade. They inspired Lisa to invent a cat enclosure and a portable catio so they could safely sit outside and enjoy fresh air and sunshine. Lisa had a Poodle and a parakeet growing up. She currently loves to pet-sit for her neighbors’ dogs and cats.

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