Legends Rewritten Blessings Tier List – (December 2023)

Want to be a legend? You’ll need our Legends Rewritten Blessings Tier List for that! Our tier list ranks all the Blessings so you know which are truly blessed and which are… Struggling with the title of being Blessed.

Legends Rewritten lets you fight enemies using a ton of fun anime-inspired abilities and weaponry. Invite friends to raid with you and watch as you climb the ranks upgrading your skills until you are… Well, legendary! Explore the vast map and mine ores to unlock even more armour and weapons.

Check out Legends Rewritten over on Roblox! Fancy trying something new? Check out our Nightmare Elemental Complete Shackled Guide.

Legends Rewritten Blessings Tier List

Don’t forget that tier lists are partially subjective on our part. We craft our tiers based on personal experience, player feedback and external sources to try and get a widely accepted tier list. That said you may not agree and that’s alright! We hope our tier list was at least a little bit helpful, however.


Truly blessed. These Blessings are simply OP.


Great alternatives if you don’t have access to any of the S-Tier Blessings

  • Haki
  • Conqueror Haki
  • Sunshine


Average Blessings. They’re not great and not awful. These Blessings perform best for beginner players.

  • Za Warudo/The World
  • Godspeed
  • Rinnegan V2
  • Slayer


Onto the weaker tiers, these Blessings are… Not as blessed as you’d hope

  • Demon
  • Phoenix
  • Kira/Killer Queen
  • Chakra


Err, unblessed Blessings. Don’t settle for these!

  • Wind
  • Kagune V2
  • Susanoo V2
  • Healer

When We Update Our Tiers

We update our rankings whenever a new Blessing is added to the game. Or, if an update happens that changes the power scaling of other Blessings meaning some drop or rise in ranks! To be sure you’re always up to date please bookmark this page and check back soon.

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