Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link Beta Reveals Interesting GPS Feature

In one of our previous articles on the upcoming Kingdom Hearts title, Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link, we were a little confused about how the GPS game was going to incorporate GPS without resorting to a Pokémon GO-type system. Well, it appears that the answer might be way more ambitious than we could have predicted.

Stream Revelations

In a couple of tweets, streamer Aitaikimochi shared some gameplay clips from a larger gameplay stream that covered a lot of the gameplay. We see her create a custom character, explore the hub, and head into a fight against the iconic monsters, the Heartless.

There’s something slightly surreal about seeing a battle on a mobile game that looks better than the console original, but we are here for it.

The game seems to heavily emphasize combat with the Heartless, which we aren’t complaining about, the iconic keyblades are there, and familiar characters return to lend special skills to the player character.

Even cooler is how things shape up with the GPS, it appears the world of missions actually recreates the streets of the area around you, but lets you wander around freely in-game without a real-world move to the location. So, fortunately for all of us, we don’t have to run up large buildings to take part.

Tour Of Tokyo

Aitaikimochi was able to track down some familiar locations in her home city of Tokyo, scale one of the government buildings, and get a few dramatic rooftop shots in the process.

If you’re interested in seeing more of the game, it’s well worth checking out the whole Twitch stream for nearly one and a half hours of gameplay. Keep in mind that this is the beta test, so there will be stuff missing, or subject to change.

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