Duels RPG PVP Arena Brings Multiplayer Battles To The Text RPG Series

Fans of the text-based Duels RPG got an early Christmas gift this year, as developer Castlehill quietly dropped a new release, made in the same engine as its popular title. Duels RPG PVP Arena is out, and the title gives you some idea of what it has to offer.

While sharing a very similar name to the now four-year-old mobile game Duels RPG Text Adventure, Duels RPG PVP Arena is a new title nearly two years in the making.

According to the developer, this game builds on the lessons learned from the first Duels.. as well as adds some multiplayer-focused replayability to the mix.

Enter The Arena

Players can now put their strategic instinct and build-making plans to the test, with the opportunity to face off against opponents all over the globe, as well as a public leaderboard for the ultimate bragging rights.

So, what are Duels RPG games about? The games are text-based RPGs. The graphical representation of the world is limited to small portraits mostly. The game describes most of the action by text.

Think of it like a tabletop RPG, or even better, one of those old Fighting Fantasy choose your own adventure books.

You explore the world, face off against the various ghoulies, ghosties, and long-legged beasties. Find treasure. You craft weapons. You make choices on how your hero will proceed and those choices might make a major impact on what happens next.

Munchkins Welcome

They are by no means shallow games that you play for five minutes and forget about. In fact, you can go very in-depth into the traits, skills, gear, classes, and races to hone your stats.

Maybe you’ll find something completely broken and dominate the leaderboard. Maybe a goblin will kick your teeth in. We certainly won’t judge!

Duels RPG PVP Arena is available to download now for free via Google Play.

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