Crypto Analyst Predicts Major Price Shift For Cardano (ADA)

LuckSide, a crypto analyst, has weighed in on the price action of Cardano (ADA), giving an analysis of the near-term price performance of the crypto asset. 

Cardano (ADA) Poised For Bullish Or Bearish Trajectory

The crypto analyst recently shared his predictions for Cardano (ADA) with the crypto community during one of his YouTube videos. In the YouTube video – “CARDANO ADA – MOMENT OF TRUTH!,” LuckSide asserted that ADA is at a critical crossroads.

The analyst revealed a technical projection that indicates ADA is about to undergo a major price shift. According to him, this is either a bullish or a bearish trajectory in the near future.

LuckSide finds signals that are pointing in the direction of a significant price shift, after analyzing ADA’s price charts. This analysis is centered on the significant price gap in the Cardano native token.

ADA chart suggests potential price move | Source: LuckSide on Youtube

LuckSide asserted that the gap is “where the highest concentration of liquidity is located for ADA.” This is marked by ongoing selling pressure at the resistance level between “$0.60 and $0.67,” in sharp contrast to a $0.40 level. 

This gap denotes an unexplored area and suggests a potential strong move, given ADA’s price history. He noted that Cardano could either rise to test the resistance level around $0.70 or drop to the $0.40 support level.

The crypto expert also pointed out signs of robustness and strength of ADA in his video. The stability of pivotal support levels and moving averages underscores the strength of the crypto asset.

The larger market indicators, such as the volatility and price stability of Bitcoin (BTC), further support this resiliency. The analyst also attributed the market’s movement to the impending Bitcoin Halving event in Mid-2024, due to its market impact. 

However, LuckSide notes that unforeseen circumstances have the potential to change ADA’s direction while conceding the unpredictability of the market. He further added that although, a decline to $0.40 “might create opportunities to buy the token at a lesser price.”

The Network’s Growth Is Similar To Bitcoin

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano recently underscored the network’s growth, acknowledging that it mimics the natural growth of Bitcoin. The founder took to X (formerly Twitter) to celebrate the network’s performance with the community.

In the X post, Hoskinson stated that he has been observing with “glee as some people worry about Cardano’s blocks filling up.” He further reminded the community about the criticism of the network being a useless “ghost chain,” with no liquidity.

Hoskinson has assured the community that “Cardano is designed to handle these loads.” He noted a “huge design space” that optimizes the network and DApps for greater scalability in the short and long term.

In addition, he has highlighted the network’s victories without Venture Capital (VCs), the media, or influencers. 

ADA trading at $0.634 on the 1D chart | Source: ADAUSDT on

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