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Our Clover Retribution Best Build guide covers some of the possible combinations of playstyle within the game.

Clover Retribution is a Roblox RPG that takes you into the world of Black Clover, the hit manga and anime. You get your very own grimoire, and a whole world to explore, with action combat, spells, and all kinds of quests. You might be one of a host of fantasy creatures.. or a humble human. Either way, there’s plenty to do.

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Firstly, What Is A Build?

A build is basically a playstyle influenced by different stat combinations that can be obtained while playing Clover Retribution. Our builds will focus on which Traits pair nicely with which Races, Weapons and Armour, and why.

Traits influence different stats of a player such as Mana, DMG, Dexterity, Constitution etc. Traits are rolled for and vary in rarity which typically means the higher the rarity the better the buff trade-off for the traits. We have a full guide on Traits if you need to know more. Clover Retribution Trait Guide.

Races are a species which players can also roll into. Becoming a part of a race also has defining features for the player to exploit in their gameplay such as cosmetics and stat buffs. Similar to traits, the higher the rarity of a race often determines how powerful and useful it is for players. Clover Retribution Race Tier List.

Weapons and Armour are self-explanatory. You’ll want to keep safe and divert some incoming attacks with decent armour protecting you. Just as you will want to have a strong weapon that compliments your build to be an absolute unit in combat! Clover Retribution Weapons Guide and Clover Retribution Armour Guide.

Best Builds

Let’s preface by saying builds are mostly subjective. Whilst we have analysed each factor that makes up our builds there is a chance you won’t agree which is OK! Everyone enjoys games differently, but with that, we hope our best build choices are decent.

Dexterity Build

Dexterity focuses on speed and the trade-off for this is that if you get attacked you take more damage since the whole idea is that you’re faster than your enemy and can dodge. For this build, however, the idea is that you can take hits from even the strongest of bosses and survive so long as you shower them in attacks before you fall.

  • 70% Dexterity Stats
  • 30% Constitution (Allows you to be hit more)
  • Trait – High-Speed Regen
  • Race – Lynthari
  • Armour – Enigma Carapace
  • Weapon – Gelid Oozeblade

Intelligence Build

This build focuses heavily on Magic and Intelligence to win in conflict. Magic is rather versatile since a lot of the different Magic Classes have a variety of attacks spanning close and far range. The attacks themselves are also unique since some deal with one-shot damage, AoE, or even multi-jab attacks.

  • 60% Intelligence Stat (At least! More is better though)
  • Remainder Stat points can be distributed elsewhere accordingly
  • Trait – Monstrous Reserves
  • Race – High Elf
  • Armour – Arcanist’s Furred Mantle
  • Weapon – Yetti Horn Staff

Strength Build

The Strength build relies on heavy hitters to knock out opponents before they can even lay a finger on you. This straight brute-style tank class is great for players who struggle at dodging and favour spam-attacking enemies.

  • 60% Strength Stat
  • 40% Constitution Stat
  • Trait – Adaptive Resistance
  • Race – Ryomen or High Orc
  • Armour – Ogrehide Vanguard
  • Weapon – Gallants Grasp

Will Our Build Change?

Most definitely! As the game updates and nerf’s current stats across Races and Traits, on top of adding new ones, this will change the power scaling currently in the game. With this, our pick for the best builds will change accordingly too to keep up with the strongest combinations!

To make sure you never miss out on our current choice for the best build please bookmark this page and check back soon!

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