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About to blow a fuse trying to figure out which weapons to blend to get something new? Our Shadovia Fuses Guide lists off all the weapon combos we currently know of! We will try to update this guide frequently when new combinations are released. So please bookmark this page and check back soon!

Shadovia is the newer sister game to Shadovis. This medieval RPG brings all things beloved to that genre and wraps it into a little Roblox experience. You can battle, loot and craft your way through the ranks to become a recognised hero! From quests to bosses, there is no shortage of fun at the hands of NPCs who give you tasks!

You can check out Shadovia over on Roblox. We also have a Full Shadovia Beginners Guide.

Shadovia Fuses Guide

Let’s get into the guide!

What Are Fuses?

Fuses are a core function of the game which lets you upgrade your weapon by mixing it with a different weapon to create something entirely new and powerful. Typically weapon fuses require the weapon from the previous fusion tier and something new which you must find when out questing and looting.

Fusing isn’t guaranteed to give an outcome you want, as you get further into fusing more weapons become possible from fusing. For example, you may fuse the same weapons twice and get two entirely different weapons!

Fuses List

  • Sheriffs Shooter + Flatty Blade = Goo Sword
  • Goo Sword + Keybrand = Bloodletter Orb / Sealed Brandish
  • Bloodletter Orb / Sealed Brandish + Random Epic = Chroma Tome
  • Bloodletter Orb = Smithy Hammer + Desert Halberd (or dropped from Azurewrath’s Disciple)
  • Chroma Tomes x2 = Time Bomb / Superball
  • Golden Glades x2 = 5 Star Chaingun / Starvants Lightning
  • Superball + Bloodletter Orb = Blink Orb
  • Starvants Lightning x2 = Ying and Yang
  • D. CANE + Nerfertls Harbinger = Scorcher
  • Scorcher (Level 10) + Nerfertls Harbinger = Mystic Fists / Sledgehammer / Superball
  • Charons Tome + Nerfertls Harbinger = Wand of Cactology / Superball / Sledgehammer
  • D. CANE + Wand of Cactology = Fists of Tree Wisdom / Mystic Fists / Endymion Daggers
  • Zombie Staff + Nerfertls Harbinger = Twin Kunais / Cumulus Staff / Stone Cleave
  • Undead Fist x2 = Warewolf Claws / Bloodletter Orb / Javelin
  • Ying and Yang + Nerferls Harbinger = Starvants Lightning / Shiny Chaingun / Irradiance
  • Nerferls Harbinger x2 = Timebomb / Flaim Blunderbuss / Scorcher
  • Superball + Zombie Staff = Brain Staff / Triple Barreled Shooter / Mushy Fists
  • Blink Orb + Nerferls Harbinger = Starvants Lightning / Ying and Yang / Irradiance
  • Legendary Weapon (Level 10) + Blink Orb = Irradiance + Ying and Yang + Starvants Lightning (All 5 Star)

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