The Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile End of Service Announcement Is The Worst Holiday Gift!

Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile did not survive the holidays and has released an End of Service notice on their Twitter. Maybe the game didn’t behave and ended up on Santa’s naughty list hence this dampening announcement.

After only being released last year in the summer of 2022, Fullmetal Alchemist never had the chance to go Global. This Japan release is of course a game entry into the world of alchemy alongside the Elric brothers.

Players who have access to the game can still enjoy it until March 29th, 2024. The game will continue to run until then, but updates will become less frequent and no in-game events will be produced from now until its final run day.

What Went Wrong?

Despite the booming popularity coming from the series, the game didn’t survive. Echoes of this being a general Square Enix curse on the IP have circled Reddit. Two other games produced by SEnix having an EoS announcement this week alongside FMA Mobile. The other games also entering EoS are Engage Kill and Dragon Quest Tact.

Maybe Square Enix is brewing a whole new game and needs to cull off weaker titles to make room for something grand, or perhaps this EoS is more simply a funding issue. To put it simply, we don’t actually know! Not a lot has been shared on the reason for this EoS except what we linked from Twitter earlier.

Chances are you can find more information on the game’s Official Website over the coming days which will likely announce the End of Service, plus detail further the reason. FMA is a great anime if you’re after recommendations, and perhaps after your watch, you’ll understand why this EoS is rather shocking!

The FMA fandom is alive and thriving, so how this game slipped under the radar and eventually fell to the EoS is bizarre. After the game’s launch, it felt like only a matter of time until a potential Global release…

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