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Want to know all about the moves of the biggest hero of One Piece? Well you’re in exactly the right place. Our Seas Battlegrounds Luffy guide goes over everything you need to know about our favorite pirate’s moves.

Seas Battlegrounds is an intense multiplayer arena inspired by One Piece. If you don’t have the time to put hours into Blox Fruits or GPO, then you can jump into Seas Battlegrounds and start pummelling your opponents Luffy style within minutes.

You can play Seas Battlegrounds now via Roblox.

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Seas Battlegrounds Luffy Guide

Here we’ll cover what you need to know about Luffy stuff.

The Luffy Moveset

You can acquire the Luffy moveset from the start of the game. If you don’t have it equipped, you can equp it by tapping ‘Characters’ in the top left corner and selecting the Gear 5 Luffy portrait from the menu.

The Luffy Moveset has the following moves.

  • Pistol – An extending punch with one fist.
  • Hawk Gatling – A multi-punch attack with fists.
  • Red Hawk – A charge, pulling a stretched, flaming limb behind you.
  • Rocket – Two-fist extending punch forwards.

All of these have separate cooldowns. You won’t be able to use the moves in the interim, but you will be able to use your M1 punch move without having to wait for it to cool down.

Luffy Accessories

Want to look more the part? Well, there’s at least one accessory available that might help you feel more dressed for the job you want. Hit the crown icon on the top bar to open the Accessories window. There you can pick up the Luffy Hat for 2000 coins.

You can earn these in-game, so if you don’t have the money it’s time to get battling.

Gear 5

With the Luffy moveset equipped, you can awaken your character to reach Gear 5. Not sure how? Well fortunately for you, we’ve already got a guide on that. Check out our Seas Battlegrounds How To Awaken guide for more on how to do that.

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