How To Get Soul Gems In Underworld Realm

Want to get your paws on the coveted and colorful Soul Sword? Well, you’re going to need Soul Gems, and a lot of them. Fortunately, that’s what we’re here to talk about! Our how to get Soul Gems In Underworld Realm guide goes over what you need to do to get on that grind.

Underworld Realm is a Roblox game that transforms the indie phenomenon Undertale into a 3D-action RPG. Roam around recreations of some of the iconic locations like Ruins and Snowdin, and fight familiar enemies in realtime battles. Your opponents might drop something interesting when they go down, if you’re lucky.

Underworld Realm is available to play now, for free, on Roblox. Want some more Roblox guides? Check out our Pet Simulator 99 relics guide, and our Nightmare Elemental quests guide for more advice for the blocky paradise.

How To Get Soul Gems In Underworld Realm

Here we’ll explain all you need to know.

About Soul Gems

Soul Gems are an item in Underworld Realm. You can use them to upgrade your Soul Ability, or use them as a currency. One of the most impressive uses is trading 100 Soul Gems with Flowey to receive the Soul Sword, a flashy, powerful, and super-expensive sword that is probably the biggest flex you can make in-game right now.

How To Earn Soul Gems

Soul Gems drop from bosses on defeat. The catch is, only at a very low rate. Most bosses drop them at a 2% rate, so roughly one in fifty fights will result in a gem… but it could be even less! The highest drop rate is Flowey himself, who has a 15% to drop them, though that still means a ton of grinding.

My advice is to find a boss you’re comfortable with defeating reliably and just settle in for the long haul.

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