How To Get Reaper Scythe in Shadovia

Our guide covers How To Get Reaper Scythe in Shadovia. This insane weapon brings looks and power and is rightfully one of the best weapons available in the game.

Shadovia is the newer sister game to Shadovis. This medieval RPG brings all things beloved to that genre and wraps it into a little Roblox experience. You can battle, loot and craft your way through the ranks to become a recognised hero! From quests to bosses, there is no shortage of fun at the hands of NPCs who give you tasks!

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How To Get Reaper Scythe in Shadovia

Let’s get into the guide!

Reaper Scythe

To craft the Reaper Scythe is a little tricky given its power and status as a weapon. So much so it doesn’t typically show up as a weapon you can craft when browsing the menu. To obtain it you’ll need to go about gathering materials first!

Boss Fight!

Your first task will be to obtain an Abyssal Conduit to spawn the Chancellor boss. This boss has the chance to drop an Urn upon defeat which is crucial for the Reaper Scythe.

Abyssal Conduit Crafting Recipe

Enter the Vamp Shop, there should be a white cube in the store of Legendary rarity which nets 40k. Buy the White Cube and craft it into an Abyssal Conduit using the Cube and 2 Amethyst. Remember, the Vamp Shop is only available during the night!

More Bosses!

The grind is truly on for this Scythe. Next, you’ll need to locate and kill the Giga Golem boss who resides within Brimstone. You can spawn the Giga Golem using Stone Sigils which are dropped by the regular Golems in this area.

The reason for fighting the Giga Golem is to obtain Ruby.

Reaper Scythe Crafting

Finally, once you have all your grinded loot, you can combine two Mythic Scythes alongside the Ruby and Urn to hopefully get the Reaper Scythe. When combining there is always a percentage chance, so it isn’t guaranteed you’ll get the Scythe first try. However, using this recipe you can rinse and repeat the cycle to try again!

Whilst you can combine any two Scythes, we do recommend using one of Mythic rarity or higher just for that added chance that it becomes the Reaper Scythe.

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