How To Get Lemon Mastery In Ability Wars

You read the title! This is how to get lemon mastery in Ability Wars. Whilst the process is straightforward it can be a bit irritating to complete. So this guide serves to try to offload some of that grind so you can be all the zest of the server with your Lemon Mastery!

Ability Wars may be obvious by the title! You master abilities and take them into devastating battles against other players. As you punch your way to victory you can unlock brand-new abilities and badges. You can think of Ability Wars as a built-in rage room for all the PvP goers.

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How To Get Lemon Mastery In Ability Wars

We have broken down this part into sections for clarity.

How To Get The Lemon Ability

You’ll first need to go about obtaining the “Backrooms” badge. This badge can be found by visiting the in-game Backrooms which is located within a Cave that’s off to the corner when you first launch into the game.

Now, the simpler part is visiting the store and spending 2.5k Punches to purchase the Lemon Ability. If you’re shy on Punches you can always top up using Robux, that is, if you’re willing to spend between 60 to 260 Robux.

What Is The Lemon Ability?

The lemon ability won’t leave you feeling sour! This unique fruit grants the user invisibility, giving you an edge when initiating combat with other players. This technique is great for sneak attacks, and evasive manoeuvres if you decide to flee. Use this ability with caution though as once you make contact with another player, you’ll become visible again!

  • Press E or a similar key bind to consume the Lemon and activate the ability
  • The Lemon Ability has a cooldown of 20 seconds in between uses.

How To Master It!

Onto the mastery! To master the Lemon Ability you’ll have to travel back to the Backrooms Cave you found yourself in earlier for the title. Of course, make sure you have the Lemon Ability equipped or the mastery is futile.

Within the Cave, you’ll notice a change in the scenery and you’ll have found The Maze. Your challenge here is to avoid the Leman whilst finding the escape. Once you’re free you’ll have obtained the Lemon Ability Mastery! GG.

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