Dr.STONE Battle Craft Tier List

Want to know where we placed your favourite character in our Dr.STONE Battle Craft tier list? Our rankings aim to help you determine who the best units to the worst are for your team.

Let the Stone Wars begin! Dr.STONE Battle Craft is another entry into the growing anime gacha empire. Of course, this game takes its inspiration from none other than Dr.STONE. You can collect resources, meet familiar faces, enter thrilling battles and explore the vast world. In this rich-lore adventure, you are tasked to help rebuild the Kingdom of Science!

Check out Dr.STONE Battle Craft over on the Play Store. If you fancy trying something new why not check out our Soul Knight Prequel Class Tier List? We also have Dr.STONE Battle Craft Codes.

Dr.STONE Battle Craft Tier List

Don’t forget that tier lists are typically subjective. Our rankings are forged from personal experience, player feedback and other sources so we try to be as neutral as possible. That said, what we recommend may not be your rock. (Get it? Stone pun aha!).


OP! These characters offer versatility to your team and in most cases can carry the other units.


Tough as stone! These characters are still great and can have a permanent spot on your team if you let them. Don’t sleep on them because they’re not S-Tier!


Our average. Units in this ranking are certified B, for boulders! Decent if you’re a beginner, few niche uses.

  • Ukyo
  • Hyoga
  • Nikki
  • Kaseki
  • Kohaku


Onto the weaker tiers, these characters aren’t all too great. You don’t want to settle for less with them!


Pebbles. Pebbles! Avoid these characters they’re pebbles!

When We Update Our Tiers

We change our rankings anytime new units are added to a game, or an update rolls out which changes the current power scaling of characters. Be sure to bookmark and check back so you are always up to date on who is the GOAT.

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