Delay: Rainbow Six Siege Mobile Release Postponed to 2024

Originally set to drop the gaming bombshell in December this year, the release forecast has taken an unexpected detour. The Rainbow Six mobile release was postponed and is now rescheduled for the fall of 2024, specifically in September. That’s right, almost a year later than the initial estimate.

Gamers eager for this title were left in shock when the game’s page on the App Store spilled the beans about the delay. What was once a festive December release became a nail-biting wait until next fall. This sudden change caught players off guard, especially given Ubisoft Entertainment’s extensive testing efforts throughout 2023. The community had been led to believe that Rainbow Six Mobile was all set for an official release, making this postponement a real head-scratcher.

Ready, Set, Delay?

Participants in the rigorous testing phase reported that Rainbow Six Mobile was deemed ready for prime time. The excitement was palpable as gamers anticipated themselves in the action-packed world of Rainbow Six on their mobile devices. The unexpected delay has left fans scratching their heads, wondering what unforeseen challenges led to this shift in release plans.

While Rainbow Six Mobile faces a delay, Ubisoft is keeping the excitement alive with a silver lining. On November 12, players can register for access to the new R6S Marketplace, which is set to enter beta in early 2024. The R6S Marketplace promises a safe and anonymous web platform for eligible players to trade their in-game items.

Deep Freeze on Ice

Ubisoft also put the highly anticipated Operation Deep Freeze on ice in a surprising turn of events. This operation was set to bring a substantial 50 GB download, offering players a reprieve with a reduced install size from 70 GB to 50 GB. The new release date is yet to be unveiled, leaving the community eagerly awaiting further details.

As the delay news circulates, the Rainbow Six Siege community grapples with familiar challenges. Server issues, buggy launches, and delayed releases are a recurring pattern for the beloved game. The decision to revert to a two-week test server may contribute to raising questions about whether a three-week testing period better iron out behind-the-scenes issues causing delays.

Concerns about Rainbow Six Release Postponed Amid Winter Holidays

The timing couldn’t be more crucial, with the delay falling perilously close to the winter holidays. Historically, server outages and issues during the winter holidays have plagued the game. Ubisoft now faces the challenge of resolving these concerns in time for a smooth launch. Especially considering the impending holiday break for the development team.

To register, visit the official website! As you wait for more news on Rainbow Six Siege, check out A New Monster Hunter Now Event This New Year!

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