Coin Master Free Spins – Today’s Links

If you’re looking for Coin Master free spins, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ve rounded up today’s links that you can simply click on to get your freebies. That way, you can keep playing even if you’ve run out of those pesky spins. What’s more, we’re going to update this article every single day so you don’t have to go anywhere else.

Coin Master is an addictive mobile game that sees you spin a slots machine to earn cash. You then spend that cash on village upgrades, levelling up your village to ‘complete’ it. At that point, you can progress to the next level. Aside from spinning the slots machine, you can also attack your opponent’s villages or steal their gold.

You can grab Coin Master from Google Play. If you’re looking for something new to play, check out our best new Android games this week.

Coin Master Free Spins Links

The below links are taken from Coin Master’s official Facebook page, where the social media team distributes links that reward you with free spins and more. These typically expire within three days, so we only include today and the previous three days.

December 18

December 17

December 16

December 15

December 14

December 13

December 12

December 11

December 10

December 9

December 8

December 7

December 6

December 5

December 4

December 3

December 2

December 1

November 29

November 28

November 27

November 26

November 25

November 24

November 23

November 22

November 21

November 20

November 19

November 16

November 15

November 14

November 13

November 12

November 11

November 10

November 9

November 8

November 7

November 6

November 5

November 4

November 3

November 2

November 1

Other Ways to Get Coin Master Free Spins

Didn’t quite get enough free spins from the above links? Well, not to worry, as it’s not over just yet. There are plenty of ways to earn free spins just by playing.

Log In

Sorry to point out the obvious, but the login reward occasionally includes free spins. Log in every day.

Invite Friends

The easiest way to get Coin Master free spins is to invite friends. Each time you do so, and they start playing, you earn a ton of free spins. What’s more, each day you can send each other free spins. It quickly adds up!

Card Sets

Cards are nice little pieces of art that are themed in line with their set, like animals or cities. As you progress, you will earn these and if you complete a set you earn spins.

Level Up

Remember early when we mentioned that you can fully upgrade a village to level up? Well, we didn’t mention that, when you do so, you earn spins. It pays to pay!

Spin the Bonus Wheel

Spin to get free spins? That’s something you can do in Coin Master. But, we’re not talking about the regular slots machine but the bonus wheel.

Visit the Shop

The shop occasionally gives away freebies, and these can include spins. Visit every day when you log in.

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