CM Punk sends warning to Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes & rest of WWE locker room

On the latest episode of SmackDown, CM Punk made his long awaited return to the blue brand with a warm welcome from the WWE Universe. After which he put some of the top stars in notice, warned the entire locker room and revealed his actual plans of why he is here, finishing his story of what he had started and where he could potentially land on.

CM Punk refers Cody Rhodes

Punk spoke about Adam Pearce trying to sign him to the Raw brand, and teases his Royal Rumble participation stating “do you wanna see me throw 29 other superstars over the top rope and climb this turnbuckle pointing the sign and main eventing WrestleMania”. Punk said that an old friend of his welcomed him back home with open arms, who came here and said “What do you guys wanna talk about?” referencing Cody Rhodes. However he is the guy who is known for talking.

Punk then said that he has heard “few people are a little bit upset and they don’t like the happy go-lucky CM Punk, they don’t like CM Punk saying ‘I Love You Guys’, ‘I’m home’” which he listens and hears.

CM Punk on Roman Reigns & being a Paul Heyman Guy

Punk said “it’s not about what do you wanna talk about? but who do you want me to talk about?”. He said that if they wanna talk about Cody Rhodes, he could tell some stories about him. Or if they want to talk about “somebody who is not here” and probably “somebody who is never here”. He called out Roman Reigns and said, “Tribal Chief, I acknowledge you. Congratulations on all your success. Don’t forget who the OG Paul Heyman Guy is. Don’t forget that he is his wiseman first”.

CM Punk on The Bloodline

As Roman Reigns was not there and only his cousins were available he took a shot at The Bloodline. Punk said “Solo [Sikoa], the big tough son of a gun that he doesn’t know” but he is familiar with Jimmy Uso. While speaking about Jimmy Uso he gave a shout out to Jey Uso and asked the WWE Universe, whether they wanna see him move to Monday Night Raw and hangout with Jey Uso or stay in SmackDown and scrap with Jimmy Uso. If he wished to fight with Jimmy Uso he had a lot of cousins to fight with (endless Samoans).

Teaming with Randy Orton & LA Knight

To fight Jimmy Uso he definitely needs a backup, which might be a guy whom he has history with and “who hears the voices in his head”. But the one-guy he pretty positively believes to get a tag with him was LA Knight.

CM Punk on Kevin Owens & AEW All In reference

As WWE fans chanted Kevin Owens, Punk said that it could be interesting to both tag and fight with Kevin Owens. However he seems both share similarities as he doesn’t know who would be comfortable with someone who randomly punches people on the face backstage, and said that in 2023 and people can’t do stuff like that referencing the AEW All In incident.

CM Punk on Seth Rollins

CM Punk continued that “everyone is happy to see CM Punk, even JBL. Everybody welcomed him happily with open arms, except for that one guy [Seth Rollins]” referencing one apple that spoils the bunch. But Punk doesn’t want to put a stock on him, “it’s not because of his whiny voice, it’s because he’s not even ‘The Man’ in his own household (referencing Rollins’ wife Becky Lynch).

Raw, SmackDown or NXT

Punk continued that he is looking to find out where he is signing to this Monday. He is here to hear from SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis and is having a scheduled phone call with the ‘Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels. And looking forward to Monday Night in Cleveland for what Adam Pearce has to say and will make his decision in the city where he walked out from the company 10 years ago.

Main Eventing WrestleMania

Punk said “I am the Monkey Wrench in their future plans and future goals. Everybody talks about finishing the story, I’m back to finish what I’ve started.” On Monday Night he will sign the papers and begin his journey of finishing his story, that is “main eventing WrestleMania”.

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