Cassia Emulator Ceases Development: Much Anticipated PC On Android Emulator Hits End Of The Road

For many Android gamers, the dream of playing PC titles on their mobile devices just got a bit farther away. Cassia, a highly anticipated emulator that promised a smooth and user-friendly experience, has officially ceased development.

The news comes from the developers’ discord, who cited a change in their circumstances. Mark and ByLaws initially promised a 2024 launch, but delays started cropping up. Now, citing a change in personal circumstances—university and jobs—they’ve decided to step away from the project altogether.

Balancing work on Cassia with the demands of university and other commitments became too much to handle. However, they assured the community that their existing work would remain available as open-source code, which means other developers could potentially take up the torch in the future. But for now, there won’t be a finished Cassia app for Android users to download.

Farewell, Cassia

Cassia’s goal was to be a user-friendly layer that would translate PC games for Android. And offer smoother performance and a more streamlined experience than existing options.

Cassia wasn’t the first app aiming to bring the PC gaming experience to Android. Existing options like Mobox and Winlator offer varying degrees of success. Winlator boasts a user-friendly interface but struggles to run many games, even older ones. Mobox, on the other hand, seems to handle compatibility better but comes with a steeper learning curve to set up.

For now, Android gamers looking to play PC titles on their devices will have to stick with the existing options. This means weighing the pros and cons of each emulator. Even though Cassia Emulator has ceased development, which may be disappointing, it’s an opportunity to explore other options and find the best emulator for you and your favorite games. Remember, emulation is a complex field, and sometimes, it takes some tinkering to smooth things.

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