Anime Defenders Evolution Tier List – Evolved Units Ranked!

Our Anime Defenders Evolution Tier List ranks all the evolved units in Anime Defenders, so you know who the strongest is for your team build!

You can play the game on the official Roblox website. If you’re already a player, you can take a look at our Anime Defenders Challenges Guide and our Anime Defenders Blizzard Winds Guide.

Anime Defenders Evolution Tier List

Let’s see what evolved units are best!


These are the best of the best! Having these units will help you defeat enemies and get stronger in no time.

  • Ant King – Mythic Unit
  • Flame Dragon God – Mythic Unit
  • The Rift Sorcerer – Secret Unit
  • Monster Sorcerer – Mythic Unit
  • Muscular Sorcerer – Mythic Unit


If you can’t get your hands on S-Tier units, these are still great!

  • Warrior Queen – Mythic Unit
  • Thunder God – Mythic Unit
  • Skull Paladin – Mythic Unit
  • Chance King – Secret Unit
  • Cursed Knight – Secret Unit


If you’re just starting your Anime Defenders adventure, these units are good! However, try and get units in a higher tier as soon as you can, as these won’t help you much in-game progression.

  • Cursed Knight – Secret Unit
  • Slime Spirit Queen – Secret Unit
  • Elf Hero – Mythic Unit
  • Unstable Esper – Mythic Unit
  • Proficient Sharpshooter – Mythic Unit
  • The Pro Gamer – Secret Unit


Although these units offer a few positives, they aren’t great overall.

  • Donut Master – Mythic Unit
  • Bear King – Mythic Unit
  • Prime Carp – Mythic Unit


Avoid these! They won’t be of any use

  • Luckily, no one is here yet! Fingers crossed it stays like that

How Do We Determine Our Rankings?

We base our rankings on a mix of community response and our own gameplay experience. If you happen to disagree with where we have placed a unit, that’s okay! Take this tier list with a pinch of salt.

Can Rankings Change?

If the game has had an update, or more units are added, the rankings of current units may change. If new units are added that are better (or worse), it may shift the position of units in this tier list. Make sure to save this page and regularly come back to make sure you’re as up-to-date as possible!

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