All About The Blox Fruits Holiday Cloak

Have you seen a certain red, furlined cap out and about? Desperate to get your paws on the flawless holiday drip? Well, you’re in luck. Our Blox Fruits Holiday Cloak goes over what you need to know on how to acquire the sought-after item.

Blox Fruits is a Roblox game that sets you loose in a world much like that of the hit anime One Piece. You can become a pirate or a marine, and set out into the world with your own ship and crew. Don’t forget to upgrade your stats, you’re definitely going to need them with all of the enemies and monsters out there.

You can check out Blox Fruits now on Roblox.

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Blox Fruits Holiday Cloak Guide

Right, let’s cover what you need to know.

About The Holiday Cloak

The Holiday Cloak resembles a furlined red cap worn over the shoulders, a bit like you might see a certain bearded gift-giver wearing. But it’s way drippier when you do it.

The accessory brings more practical benefits too.

The holiday cloak gives boost to damage with attacks using your melee and fruit stats. It also boosts your Instinct ability, if you have that.

Getting The Holiday Cloak

The Holiday Cloak is a rare drop from the giant gift that appears hourly in the center of the holiday event island.

The giant gift showers boxes into the air, and it’s up to you to go and collect a gift. Most of the time you’ll get a Fruit, but there’s a chance to find a cloak inside.

The easiest way to possibly earn the cloak is to return to the event island on the hour, when the new gift drops, collect your gift, and then check in after another hour. This maximizes your chances. Make sure you’re stood in the gift ring before the counter reaches zero!

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