A Dusty Trip All Cars Guide – How To Get Every Car

Want some better wheels than a broken down car? There’s a ton of different vehicles out there in the world of A Dusty Trip. Some are easy to find, some are hard to find.. and some you can’t obtain at all right now. Want to know about each? Then read on with our A Dusty Trip all cars guide. We’ve got the obtainment info for every single one at the time of writing.

Want to play it for yourself? A Dusty Trip is out now on Roblox. We’ve also got an A Dusty Trip infinite fuel glitch guide to take those cars on a road trip that never ends.

A Dusty Trip All Cars Guide

Right, let’s go over all of the cars and how you get them.

  • Default Car – Available by default, at the front of the house.
  • The Van – Available by default, at the back of the house.
  • The ATV – Available through a gamepass.
  • The Audi – Complete Season 1.
  • The Bugatti – Special Robux purchase.
  • The Camper – Once obtainable through a quest to gather Comic Books.
  • The Classic Bus – Available through a gamepass.
  • The Classic Jeep – Once obtained through the The Classic event.
  • The Corvette – Obtained via the bonus spin.
  • The Lamborghini – Special Robux purchase.
  • The Pickup Truck – Available through a gamepass.
  • The SUV – Available through a gamepass.
  • The Kei Truck – Not available currently.
  • The Formula 1 Car – Special Robux purchase.
  • The McLaren – Special Robux Purchase
  • The Lotus – Not available currently.
  • The Mustang – Not currently available.
  • The Venom – Complete Season 1 with the pass.
  • The Mercedes – Complete Season 1 five times.
  • The Sport Coupe – Obtained via the skin crate.
  • The Monster Truck – Special Robux purchase.
  • The Humvee – Available via the Dog Tag collection quest.
  • The Speedtail – Special Robux purchase.
  • The Rolls Royce – Special Robux purchase.
  • The Camaro – Developer only.

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